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About FCH Finance City Hamburg GmbH

FCH Finance City Hamburg GmbH is a public private partnership created to strengthen Hamburg as a financial centre, innovate and shape the future of the financial sector at this location, and establish Hamburg as a high-performing and future-oriented city even in the face of demanding competition. With a strong local financial sector, Hamburg will be in an even better position to master the great challenges of our time, such as digital transformation as well as ecological and demographic changes.

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Our Agenda

The stakeholders involved in the Masterplan Finanzwirtschaft 2021 – 2025 have agreed to cooperate and focus on common goals and fields of action, which will be realised and consolidated. The Masterplan is a dynamic document and is being further developed steadily. (The Masterplan is only available in German)

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Masterplan Finanzwirtschaft (1)
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Unsere Themen

Field of Action 1: Qualification, Work Training, and Science

Field of action 1 focuses on measures 

– to enhance the teaching of financial content at schools, providing general education 

– to support career guidance 

– to establish and support women’s networks and diversity goals 

– to promote education as a location factor in Hamburg in cooperation with the scientific community 

Field of Action 2: Promotion of Sustainability and Sustainable Finance

Field of action 2, in cooperation with the stakeholders, develops projects and initiatives 

– to promote sustainable finance 

– to establish, consolidate and position Hamburg as a location factor for sustainability 

– to cooperate with scientific institutions on the subject of sustainable finance 

Field of Action 3: Digitisation, Innovation, and New Work

Field of action 3 is concerned with initiatives 

– to expand existing FinTech initiatives 

– to support FinTech and start-up company networks and their activities 

– to enhance innovation in Hamburg 

– to develop and strengthen new work concepts 

Field of Action 4: Cooperation, Networking, and Common Projects

Field of action 4 connects 

– cooperative and structural projects of the stakeholders 

– networking and public relations activities 

– cross-clustering initiatives 

– initiatives to promote settling incentives for new companies 

Events & Dates

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15. Juni 2023

Finance City Hamburg GmbH teams up to strengthen Hamburg as a financial cluster

The City of Hamburg is launching FCH Finance City Hamburg GmbH, a new company to consistently and sustainably strengthen Hamburg as a financial cluster. It is a joint project of the Finanzbehörde Hamburg (Hamburg Revenue Office), the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and the Finanzplatz e.V. association, based on the Masterplan Hamburger Finanzwirtschaft 2021–2025.

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Fintech Ladies Hamburg @ Handelskammer Hamburg

As an official side event of the Finance Forward Conference, the Fintech Ladies together with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce invited to a networking event on 08 May 2023.

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